Reports and Publications​

Spey Fishery Board Annual Reports

Each year the Board publishes a comprehensive Annual Report which outlines all the activities undertaken by the Board and the Research Trust. The most recent Annual Reports can be downloaded below:

River Spey Briefings 

The Spey Fishery Board and Spey Foundation also publish Briefings to outline their work on current projects and topics of general interest. These can be downloaded below:


The below briefings have been produced by the Spey Fishery Board on the following topics:

  • Briefing on “Juvenile fish stocks in the River” can be viewed here.
  • Briefing on “Why and how the Spey Fishery Board do electro-fishing” can be viewed here.
  • Briefing on “Stocking and the use of hatcheries” can be viewed here.
  • A letter from SEPA, which acknowledges their appreciation for the Spey Fishery Boards’ electro-fishing can be found here.








Other relevant publications about the River Spey



Other relevant publications from the Spey Fishery Board

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