About us

The River Spey

Welcome to the River Spey. We are a small group of organisations who share the same overarching mission: to help wildlife flourish and businesses thrive throughout Speyside. 

Made up of the Spey Fishery Board, the Spey Foundation and the Spey Catchment Initiative, we work alongside many organisations and businesses throughout the 3000 km2 Spey Catchment to improve the natural environment and ensure that our landscape is enhanced and protected for wildlife and future generations.

Find out more about our three organisations below.  

The Spey Fishery Board

Our mission is to protect, enhance and conserve Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout stocks on the River Spey.

The Spey Foundation

The Spey Foundation undertakes research on a range of topics and provide scientific evidence to the Board and Catchment Initiative which they use to base management decisions on. It also runs and supports education projects throughout Speyside.

The Spey Catchment Initiative

The Spey Catchment Initiative delivers practical multi-benefit projects focusing on flood management and improving riverside and wetland environments throughout the catchment. 

Our partners and supporters

We work with and are supported by a wide range of organisations and businesses throughout Speyside and the world, to increase our impact.  Below are a small number of the many organisations who help make our work possible. 

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