River Spey River Data

River Spey River Levels and Web Cameras

SEPA River Levels

Use the links below to view the river level data, direct on the SEPA website. 

River Spey Web Cameras

Map of Monitoring Stations and Camera Locations

River Spey Water Quality Station

Atlantic salmon need access to cold, clean water if they are to thrive, rather than just survive. Early in 2021, The Spey Fishery Board installed a measuring and logging station at Easter Elchies to monitor water quality. This equipment was donated to the Spey by Dorenell Wind Farm after seven years of monitoring water quality, every 15 minutes, in the upper River Fiddich.

The logging station is located at Easter Elchies fishing beat, Craigellachie and after an upgrade it commenced logging and transmitting a range of water quality parameters. The logger records pH, oxygen saturation, temperature, river height, conductivity and turbidity. The data can be accessed, in real-time, from the link below.

In the near future we hope to have an app that will provide easy, finger-tip access to the latest river data.

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