What we do

Managing the River Spey

Managing the River Spey involves collaboration amongst organisations, including the Spey Fishery Board, the Spey Foundation and the Spey Catchment Initiative. Together, they are responsible for the conservation, protection and enhancement of the River Spey catchment, which extends to over 3,000Km2 and includes 170Km of mainstem River Spey, almost 1,000Km of principal tributaries and 32Km of coastline in the Moray Firth.

This River Spey partnership includes a plethora of work, including protecting the catchment from illegal fishing, habitat improvement, river restoration projects, conservation policies, improving water quantity and quality, removing barriers to fish passage and stocking from the Board’s hatchery. All of this is guided by scientific research and monitoring, with the aim to building sustainability and resilience to the climate change and biodiversity crises which confront us all. 

How we manage the River Spey

Salmon Conservation

Habitat Enhancement

Wildlife Protection

Catchment Education

Examples of our recent work

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