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Whether it’s fighting for the survival of the threatened Atlantic Salmon, improving catchment biodiversity and resilience, or helping to ensure the sustainability of the River Spey by reducing the impacts of climate change – with your help, we can make a difference where it matters.

We are dedicated to protecting and improving the River Spey and it’s tributaries. Through our campaigns, we aim to shine a light on some of the most important issues facing the River Spey catchment, whilst inspiring people to find out more, take action and help us to meet our campaign goals. 

Please be a #SpeyHero and take a few moments to click through and find out about our current campaigns. 

Our River Spey Campaigns


The River Spey is one of the most heavily abstracted major rivers in Scotland – threatening the survival of many species including the iconic wild Atlantic Salmon.

Increased water pressures and the impact of climate change is putting unprecedented pressure on the River Spey. 

For the sake of the wildlife and communities of the Spey, something needs to change. It is critical that we #ReleasetheSpey.

The Spey Forest

Forests are the lungs of our earth, our natural flood defences, home to rich ecosystems and are an essential part of a balanced Scottish landscape. 

The River Spey catchment has 36,500km of streams and rivers. Our aim is to help create a network of riparian woodlands and healthy river systems throughout the River Spey Catchment. 

Over 6 million native Scottish tree species have been planted or naturally regenerated in our catchment in recent years. Our goal is to see millions more planted throughout Speyside.

You can make a difference

You are the fuel that helps our campaigns flourish and grow. With your support, we can ensure that the River Spey is a healthy and stable home for wildlife and a place that people can appreciate and enjoy for many years to come. 

There are many ways that you can support our campaigns. Please find out more by clicking below, thank you.  

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