The Spey Fishery Board

Who are we?

The Spey Fishery Board is an organisation who for the past 150 years has worked to conserve, protect and enhance Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout stocks throughout the River Spey catchment.
Established by government legislation dating back to 1862 and empowered under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 2003, our aim is to ensure that the Atlantic Salmon population within the River Spey is protected and is given the best chance to grow and thrive.
We hope that thanks to our careful management of the river and the projects that are undertaken throughout the catchment, that salmon and trout will be a key feature of our mighty river for many generations to come. 


A healthy ecosystems within the River Spey and wider catchment where wildlife thrives and salmon and trout populations are stable or growing. 


To maximise the number of smolts (young salmon and trout) reaching the sea after spawning. 

Our Strategy

In order to help salmon populations to flourish within the River Spey ecosystem, we focus on four key priorities which are outlined below. Please use the links to find out more about our work.

Support our work

There are many projects currently underway or in our plans that will help to enhance the habitat along the River Spey and improve fish passage. But we need your help and support to make these projects happen.

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