River Spey’s Official Opening of the Salmon Fishing Season 2023

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The River Spey is one of Scotland’s finest Salmon rivers and to celebrate the opening of the salmon fishing season the Spey Fishery Board is pleased to announce that Mr Ian Gordon (www.speyonline.com), will be our Guest of Honour. Ian is a renowned International Salmon-fishing Guide and former Spey Ghillie, who is well-known on his home River, the Spey.

Our Guest of Honour, Ian Gordon

The Annual Opening Day Ceremony will take place on Saturday 11th February at 9:00am at the Penny Bridge, Alice Littler Park in Aberlour. 

The Ceremony will begin with a Blessing by the Rev. Andrew Kimmitt, and a few words from our Guest of Honour.

This will then be followed by the traditional pouring of a bottle of Aberlour 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky into the fast-flowing waters of the River Spey, as a gesture to wish the salmon good health and to herald the official opening of the River Spey salmon fishing season for 2022. This will be performed by Clive Murray, who was the angler who caught the first fish in 2020, when the competition was last held, and won the Spey Anniversary Quaich. He will be accompanied by our Guest of Honour, Ian Gordon, and also by Allan Sinclair, who will perform on the bagpipes.

Anglers are invited to attend the opening ceremony, before starting on their quest to catch their first Spring Salmon of the season. 

To help celebrate the start of the new salmon fishing season, drams of Aberlour 12-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky, samples of Walkers Shortbread and hot drinks supplied by the Aberlour Hotel will be offered during the opening ceremony.  The Spey Fishery Board is grateful to Aberlour Distillery, Walkers Shortbread and the Aberlour Hotel for their continued generous sponsorship of this event.

The ‘Spey Anniversary Quaich’ will be awarded to the angler who catches the first salmon on the opening day, together with a bottle of Aberlour Distillery Exclusive Whisky and a Walkers Shortbread hamper.

The angler who lands the heaviest salmon on opening day will receive a bottle of Aberlour Distillery Exclusive Whisky and a Walkers Shortbread hamper. 

For the Ghillies in attendance, each will receive a bottle of Aberlour Single Malt Whisky and a Walkers Shortbread hamper. The official competition rules can be found on the Spey Fishery Board website at www.speyfisheryboard.com.

1 thought on “River Spey’s Official Opening of the Salmon Fishing Season 2023”

  1. SFB

    Thanks for a wonderful morning’s events.

    Pity the kelts were in short supply, and even greater pity there was no fresher landed. But that’s salmon fishing…..I suppose.

    I shall remember the day, and meeting old and new friends alike.

    It was great re-meeting your GOH, Ian. He kept us entertained – and hopefully he’ll be invited back next year to finish off the speech he started………. only kidding Ian…….

    You brought both light and heat, as well as amusement, to the event.

    [copied to IG, in the interests of transparency!]

    Clive Murray

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