Response to the Strategy & Management Plan Consultation

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Thank you to all who kindly responded to the consultation we sent out during the summer, regarding the Spey Fishery Board’s Strategy and Management Plan in support of the Scottish Government’s Wild Salmon Strategy.

We received a total of 57 responses to our consultation, which was sent to all of our Proprietors, Ghillies and Angling Associations, with a request that the latter send it to all of their members. It was also advertised on our website and via multiple posts through all of our social media channels. We have analysed all of the responses we received and made some amendments to our Strategy and Management Plan as a result. Please find a copy of the revised version here.

There were a number of recurring themes which arose through many of the responses we received, and we have given careful consideration as to how we should address these. With the approval of the Board, we have decided to create a series of “Hot Topics” on our website, which will provide more information on these. This will include background information and the current situation for each of the issues, what the Board and others are doing to address them and links to where further information can be obtained.  

The Hot Topics we will include are as follows:

  1. The Challenges Facing Atlantic Salmon 
  2. Stocking and Hatcheries
  3. Predation Control
  4. Water Abstraction and our “Release the Spey” Campaign
  5. Water Temperature 
  6. Invasive Species
  7. Habitat Enhancement, including Tree Planting

We hope that this demonstrates that we have taken note of all of the comments we received and we look forward to keeping you even better informed of our work henceforth, as we strive to reverse the plight of our iconic Atlantic salmon.

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