Week Commencing 7th June – The Grilse have arrived!

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Reports from the beats suggest a bit of a mixed bag this past week. For some the fishing has slowed up a little over the last few days – for others it was a good week!   This could be conditions related or it could just be less fresh salmon entering the system?   It may also be a “lull period” between the spring run finishing and the summer salmon and grilse run starting?  Hard to know for sure yet.

However, it was evident that the grilse run (salmon that have spent only 1yr at sea) has started with a few beats recording one of two in their catch returns.

With no precipitation the river levels continued to drop and water temperatures remained stable but  ideal for June fishing.

River heights – 5in – 11in (+/- 2in)
Water Temps – 57-60F or 13-15C
Air temps – 9-20C – sunny/clouds

My assumption on the river catches as a whole, bearing in mind I don’t have the full picture, would be a fairly equal split throughout – possibility the upper river with the lion’s share 😉  –  An educated guess.

Catch Summary
Upper River  –  
Over 10 reported ( again no figures from the three main upper beats)
Middle River –
Over 40 fish reported
Lower River –  
Over 50 fish reported
Average size –
approx 10lb. Biggest fish reported 17lbs.

In general though, there’s still some beautiful salmon being caught!

Once again the “lady” anglers were in action last week and landing some fine fish.

Dani Morey, fishing Knockando, landed this lovely fresh Grilse.

Meanwhile Mrs Green, fishing Rothes, landed this lovely 12lber on Saturday afternoon – as always, perseverance pays off!!

I had a message from Phil Rennie saying he landed his personal best (17lbs) on Knockando beat. Just upstream, my friend Robert McFarlane landed his first ever Spey salmon on his first ever visit to the river – and on his first day.   Well done to both – sadly no photos 🙁

Looking ahead

The weather forecast looks fairly stable and actually good for fishing – not too hot, some sun, some clouds and maybe some light rain. Let’s see what the salmon gods deliver!

As ever, tightlines and enjoy!

PS. please feel free to send me your fishing stories, reports and photos – always welcome.

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