Week Commencing 18th April 2022

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Afternoon everyone

Another week goes by as we continue our journey in the 2022 fishing season and to say its been a bit fickle is an understatement, the weather, not the fishing but some may dispute that!!

The last of the COVID restrictions have become guidance in Scotland which means we have moved nearer to the “old” normality but that will not return in the form it existed in prior to the arrival of the virus. People now have the freedom to make choices concerning masks etc and I am sure some will still be more comfortable in the continued use of these.

It’s been a funny old week with regards the weather sun, wind, low cloud and fluctuating temperatures have not made it easy by any means but the second half of the week was probably better for fishing when the sun disappeared.

Right lets head up the river and see how everyone did.

Fochabers Angling Association are still waiting for their first fish, with continuing stable conditions like we have this hsould hopefully slow the fish up and see them get off the mark.

David Buley at Gordon Castle/Brae Water Fishings reports five fish in the book this week from the beats with a couple of fish lost. I have to hold my hand up to one of those on Friday but despite fishing hard on Friday and Gordon Castle and yesterday at Upper Brae I had no further connections. Fish were seen pushing through the beat again during the week.

Spey silver
Sandy Scott, The Rock Pool
Ready to go
Keith and his after hours fish
Allan releases one on its journey

Upstream at Orton, Andy Gunn confirms a few fish hooked, lost and landed during the week, with more fish seen as they charge up the river.

Lester Wolstenholme with a fine fish
John Stamp with a fish from the House Pool

At Delfur, Mark Mellville, Head Ghillie confirms that the lower water and no mid week rise made all the difference. They had a good fun week with Dan Greenham’s party with a mix of beginners and experienced rods. Sadly the beginners weren’t lucky this time but all had pulls and saw fish being landed. More importantly they all really enjoyed their time here and are hooked for the future!
We finished into double figures catching fish every day. Most fish around the 10lb mark, biggest 18lb, all in perfect condition and sea liced.

Rory Angel with a Spey stunner
Mitch Greenham with his silver and a ghillie
Dan Greenham with a bar of silver
Alister Thompson with more Delfur silver
Sea Lice

Rothes continued to catch fish during the week according to Robbie Stronach. They landed 6 fish, with plenty seen as they headed up river. The highlight of the week must have been James Kent’s 25lb belter from Burnmouth. This is some fish and if you have seen the pictures on social media, I do not think they do it justice. Well done James.

In the net
Robbie with the all important weigh in
A cracking shot of the shoulders on the fish
James Kent’s 25lber from Burnmouth in the capable hands of Robbie
Lara Mikal Harlan with one of his 2 fish from Burnmouth
Robbie with the second fish

Arndilly Head Ghillie, Euan Reid confirms that it was another great week on Arndilly with a team which has missed the last two years due to the ridiculousness of COVID. Dr David Solomon and his party can be fairly described as Arndilly superfans and yet again Arndilly did not let them down.
We finished the week with 15 fish up to 19lbs, the 3 biggest ones were sea liced which was the case with all but 3 of the fish this week.
John Lawson had a fish every day culminating in a 17lb fish from the Soo in the boat on Saturday. John had a pull just after his 17lb fish but up that point had landed everything he had contacted. Our dear friend Pat Harkin had just the opposite luck having pulled or lost 6 fish without landing any, maybe he’s mirroring Spurs luck!
Dr Solomon had 4 for his week including a fantastic 19lb fish from the boat in the Piles which was hooked at the top of the path and landed almost in the Warren, 250 yards below. Nothing could be done with that fish it was just a wild one.
Tim Wade had our first, 12lb from Cobble Pot and almost our last, 19lb from Reids.
Dr Owen-Jones had one in front of the hut, Alistair Ewing had a 14lb fish from Reids and Chris Champion left it late but got one from Cobble Pot on Saturday on a (Mark will like this) number 6 oystercatcher.
We’re disappointed we didn’t get everyone a fish but we had a great week among good friends.

Chris Champion with his fish
Alistair Ewing and his 14lb fish from Reids
Dr David Solomons fish in the safe hands of ghillie Keith
Dr Solomon and his 19lber from the Piles
Euan with John Lawsons, 17lber from the Soo
Pat Harkin, no fish but here is a cast
Tim Wade and his 19lb stunner

Easter Elchies had another good week according to Ghillie Orn Sigurhansson who reports 10 spring salmon caught for the week. We welcomed the McCreath party for the first half of the week. The farming fraternity being most successful with Nigel Dudgeon landing a 10lb fish in Heathery Isle and Lochy Porter a 12lb fish from Fiddich Mouth.The second half of the week, we welcomed the Waugh party. All pools fishing well. The 10th fish of the week landed well into extra time on Saturday night, caught by James Hill at tail of Fiddich…

Neil Dudgeon with his Heathery Isle fish
Lochy Porter with his 12lb fish
Les Waugh, Red Craigs with his prize
James Hill, Tail of Fiddich
Peter Graham, Red Craigs

Dougie Ross at Craigellache confirms that they landed three fish for the week, with a few lost too.

Aberlour Angling Club had five fish for the week, according to Kenny Davies. The lucky anglers being Ian Morrison, Bruce Cameron and Shane Fraser (3).

Over the river at Wester Elchies had another good week according to Malcolm Newbould. They had 8 for the week with the Gordon Group landing 7 of those. Well done guys.

Sam, the ghillie with Graham Ritchie’s fish
One of two caught by Peter Austin

At Kinermony it was another good week reports David Brand. they landed 7 for the week, with Gordon Tait landing 5 of those and Colin Mathison one of the others. A number of fish lost too.

Colin Mathison and his fish

Mike Murdoch at Laggan confirms they saw plenty fish, especially during the first half but only had two connections during the week which stuck.

Clare Slater, Dalmunach

Knockando Home Beat had a good week according to Archie Baillie. A better second half of the week as the river dropped. We managed 2 and lost a couple as well up to Thursday and had six for Friday and Saturday. Fish ranged from 8lb to 16lb with half of them sea liced. Saw a good number of fish going through all week.

Happy Angler
Another bonny Spey fish
silver in the water
Speyside silver

Heading well up river Simon Crozier at Castle Grant confirms that they had a quieter week, however fish were caught , seen, hooked and lost across all the beats. Philip Carson had a fine few days on beat 2, he had an 18 lb fish from the Cut and followed it up next day with a fine fish from the Wash Pot. On Beat 3 , Keith Johnson had the first fish of the season from Pollowick and Laurence Lock had an evening to remember on the March pool, getting 2 fish of 9 and 7 lbs. An 8 lb fish was also taken in Craigroy.

Philips fish

On the Grantown water 5 were caught this week . Fish of 15lb (John Davies), 18lb (Neill Patterson), 16lb (James Chambers) with Jack Holyrood and Chris Harrison both had 9lbers.

Finally at Abernethy Jonny Gordon had the only success with a fine 11lb fish.

Now I do not know how many of you will have seen the following picture on social media but the springer in the picture was captured in the smolt trap on the River Truim, a tributary of the Spey. The smolt trap is located some 135km (84miles) from Spey Bay where the fish entered the river so to say it was going like an express train may not be an exaggeration to cover the distance it did. The fish was safely released to carry on its journey up the Truim.

The springer from the smolt trap

Looking to next week, the weather seems to be another week of what has just gone by settled, dry and not too warm so we can only but hope the fishing continues in the way it is going and we see some more fish, especially in the lower reaches being landed.

Tight Lines to all who are out and about.


6 thoughts on “Week Commencing 18th April 2022”

  1. We have been readers of these reports for some time and it is refreshing to see these are now more far engaging not to mention considerably more informative that in the past.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    Iain and Katrina Wood
    Atholl Sporting

    1. Hi Ian and Kat
      Many thanks for the feedback, will continue to develop these as time goes on.
      Hope you are both well

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