Week commencing 10th May – plenty water, good catches and big fish

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There was certainly no shortage of water last week. Rain and snowmelt in the catchment kept the river flowing above normal levels most days – dropping to just over 1ft by the end of the week. For some beats, the higher water levels don’t really suit but for others,  and the river as a whole, it’s good news. New fish were arriving in good numbers every day and the size and quality of these May springers was just fantastic!

River heights – 1.2ft-2.8ft (+/- 2in)
Water Temps – 44-48F or 6-9C
Air temps – 5-14C

With the higher than normal river levels, the lower river excelled. Most fish were fresh-run and many still carrying sea-lice. The average size was around 13lbs (5-6kilo) but there were some bigger ones landed – over 20lbs (9-10kilo), as well as many lost.

This is Spey spring fishing at its best – hard fighting, double figure fish, straight from the sea and in pristine condition. 

Catch Summary
Upper River  
– over 20 fish reported – Castle Grant, Grantown Ass and Abernethy Ass
Middle River – Over 30 fish reported –  Knockando, Laggan Wester Elchies, Lower Wester Elchies, Craigellachie, Kinermony, Aberlour AC
Lower River – Around 90 fish reported –   Gordon Castle, Orton, Delfur, Rothes, Arndilly, Easter Elchies & Upper Arndilly
Average size – 13lb. Biggest fish reported 21lbs

The lower river certainly had the lions share of the catches last week, however I should point out that some of the “large” upper beats don’t report,  so this has to be factored-in to the overall picture. As a general overview however, reports are very encouraging across the whole river.

Sea trout catches appear less this week but still a few nice ones getting caught.

No shortage of photos this week – sorry I can’t include them all!

Photos come alive with colour!!!

Good to see the “ladies” having success!

…and the blokes.

After the year we’ve had, it’s just great to see happy, smiling anglers doing what they enjoy the most.

So, what’s in store next week?

Well, the river is running at a nice height now, however there is rain in the forecast, so a rise could be expected.  Temperatures aren’t warming up much so no need for sun cream just yet.  All things considered, conditions look quite favourable and if the salmon keep coming, then the fishing should remain good!

As always, Tightlines to all.

PS. Stay safe – Moray has been placed in level 3 due to an increase in COVID cases.  Hopefully it’s just a short-lived spike and Level 2 will be re-instated very soon.

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